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Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age
By Jay Allyson

Boks about building a consultancy business

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Format: Paperback & Kindle

Publisher: Belanda Consulting Publications (8 Jun. 2020)

Print Length: 312 pages

Language: English


Genre: Business Process Reengineering

The BookViral Review:

A highly informative and conversational guide that should help solo professionals and small consulting firms to better assess themselves and leverage their businesses Allyson’s Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age proves a must-read.

With so many Business Skills and Business Process Reengineering books in print it has become increasingly difficult to sort the bad from the good but Allyson brings a unique perspective to the subject in hand and it’s this that firmly places her book in the latter category.

Central to her thinking and echoed throughout her book is the need to develop the right mindset, structure and systems to achieve success.  In her own words “Success is not luck; it is a science made up of thinking, behaviours and actions that are driven by our (mostly subconscious) mind” and this is something she clearly demonstrates over seven powerful and thought provoking chapters.

In concise prose and easy to navigate each chapter demands serious consideration as she draws on her considerable experience in teaching, learning, business and marketing to deliver a blueprint for achieving tangible results. With key points and visual models to provide her readers with a clear view of the road ahead of them it’s refreshingly free of jargon and leaves her readers with practical applications designed to help build a leveraged strategy for exponential growth.

Essential reading for solo professionals and small consulting firms Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age is unreservedly recommended.

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