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Living Underwater By Kati Van Der Hoeven

Living with locked-in syndrome.

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SUMMARY: Kati’s life changed forever when at just twenty years old she had a stroke, which took away her ability to speak and left her paralysed – locked in. However, her determination, strength of character and spirit soared, as she learnt to surrender to her circumstances and flourish.This is the true story of Kati van der Hoeven, who is living with locked-in syndrome.

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Fictional depictions of disabled characters are often outdated, incorrect, and far from the reality of those living with a physical, sensory, or intellectual impairment but Kati Van Der Hoeven tells us how it is. Living with “locked-in syndrome” she hasn’t allowed herself to become rooted in social norms or defined by her medical diagnosis. And whilst you might think an autobiography of this kind would be maudlin, Kati is far from that.

The impact of a stroke at age 20 and the resulting brain stem infarction has had a profound impact on her life but she hasn’t let it define her. Embracing her disabled identity, and the unique perspective her impairment has given her Living Underwater proves a powerful and profoundly moving autobiography that reflects on the dramatic effects “locked-in syndrome” exerts on relationship dynamics and what it is like to be trapped in a paralyzed body.

Exploring how her disability has affected her choices in living she doesn’t pull any punches but Living Underwater is no pity party. Edged with a razor-sharp wit and a tremendous sense of humour her optimism and ability to seek the positive combined with tremendous resilience is nothing short of inspirational.

Powerful and essential reading for those wishing to understand disability and anyone looking for a truly inspirational role model Living Underwater is recommended without reservation.

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