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"Ruth Ready contains a wealth of wisdom and advice."

Marriage Relationships

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The BookViral Review:

In a modern world of fractured relationships and disloyalty, ‘Ruth Ready’, with its title based on the account of Ruth, presents a refreshing and unselfish look at the institution of marriage from a biblical viewpoint.  

Kitty Arceneaux leads her readers patiently through a comprehensive and logical journey of understanding. With her advice firmly embedded in traditional marital roles, that of the husband as head of the house, and his wife as a compliment to him, she pushes aside the accepted contemporary motivations in finding a mate, and instead promotes a search for a partner who possesses more worthy attributes than their outward appearance or the ability to make money. 

Arceneaux extols the value of self-examination and looking to one’s own positive qualities before endeavouring to find these in a husband, and in maintaining this selfless attitude as a marriage grows and develops. Furthermore, ‘Ruth Ready’ does more than merely use one Biblical illustration. Throughout its pages, it time and again encourages married couples to accept God into their marriage and make him its centre, striving to display the fruitages of his spirit in their endeavour to build a happy and successful marriage.

Written in the form of a journal, Arceneaux provides useful tables and spaces for written thoughts, which are interspersed throughout as an aid to meditation and reflection, and as preparation for one of the most important decisions of a lifetime.  

Whilst Arceneaux’s point of view concerning marriage does not conform to current worldly beliefs in a world of gender equality and fight for rights,  her perspective – that of the bibles – is well worth considering, as according to the affirmations towards the end of the journal, rather than putting one partner above the other, it results in a respectful marriage where each mate puts the other first.  

Using a clear and easy-to-follow approach,  ‘Ruth Ready’ contains a wealth of wisdom and advice, and is a highly recommended read for any seeking a fully rounded and bountiful marriage. 

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