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A BookViral Review Of Me Ki Gai By Atul KheKade

A Novel based on Ikigai

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While ikigai may be presented as a philosophical concept, its discovery is unique to every person. This discovery makes life worthwhile and rewarding to live. Me Ki Gai (Simply Me (i)ki Gai) is a young man’s journey to discover his own ikigai zone when guided by a mystic character saving him from a life ending situation. 

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There are very few books with the power to change our outlook on life but Me Ki Gai may well be one of them with Khekade presenting us with a view that is refreshingly devoid of abstract complexity.

Underpinning Me Ki Gai and the story of Parth is the Japanese concept of Ikigai that means “a reason for being”. Having a direction or purpose in life, which makes one’s life worthwhile, satisfying and provides a sense of meaning. And Khekade does a superb job of weaving Eastern philosophy into the modern-day world of complex relationships. More importantly, he maintains a contemporary frame of reference through Parth’s burgeoning relationship with Krisha which makes his narrative relatable to readers of all ages.

With an emphasis on learning from our experiences so that we may achieve our full potential Khekade adds an entirely new level of understanding to our lives.  And through Parth’s relationship with Prabhudas we come to appreciate the power of love, honesty, kindness, and compassion in the affairs of the heart in helping us achieve greater joy, authenticity, and peace of mind.

Extraordinarily inspiring and intelligently presented, Me Ki Gai makes a superb read for anyone wanting to approach life with greater clarity, focus and sense of purpose. It is highly recommended.

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