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A Review Of Poison In The Pills By August Raine

Best Medical Conspiracy Thrillers

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SUMMARY: A mysterious illness is ravaging the nation. Those suffering from the dreaded sickness are in so much pain that some victims have peeled the flesh from their bones in a desperate attempt to relieve their symptoms.

Genre: Medical Conspiracy Thriller

The BookViral Review:

Poison In The Pills makes a strong debut for Raine who adds his own twist to a tried and tested formula. Echoing the best elements of this ever-popular genre the writing is first class and there’s more than enough unexpected plot twists to keep the attention of his readers throughout as he pulls them headlong into the ensuing drama.

With its conspiratorial tone and city underbelly luridness tightly focused scenes pile up with frenetic intensity as Jack struggles to make sense of the maelstrom of deception and subterfuge he finds himself embroiled in. But where Raine really excels is in finding the right balance between mystery, menace and heightened suspense. Fans of the genre will lap it up as Raine leads them through a shadowy and gritty maze of backdrops. But Poison In The Pills real kicker creeps in under your radar and it’s the way Raine makes us feel about his characters.

With protagonist and antagonist alike he’s created driven and believable personas underpinned by well-nuanced dialogue. Both looming large and memorable as his narrative gathers forward momentum. Underpinned by a particularly poignant plot, he isn’t quick to give his denouement away and with enough unexpected twists to sate the most ardent of armchair sleuths and conspiracy theorists it’s a hard book to put down.

A quick read but never the less highly entertaining Poison In The Pills leaves us with the promise of more good things to come from August Raine and is highly recommended!

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