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"Where life has no value, death has its price..."

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  • ASIN: ‎ B078WVRKSW
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 314 pages
  • Genre: Medical Thriller

The BookViral Review:

A finely tuned medical thriller with cleverly orchestrated twists that add up to a highly suspenseful read The Syrian Heart is a novel that lovers of intelligent, measured storytelling will embrace. A provocative read that initially unsettles then disturbs and will finally leave you reflecting on the moral imperative of organ harvesting.

Soundly executed, smart and fast-paced, Rowley takes a plausible central scenario, and delivers a power-packed narrative, but whilst an increasing number of reads in the genre centre on protagonists who are overly masochistic, Rowley genuinely breaks the mould with enigmatic philanthropist James Rowan who is living on borrowed time.

With a multi-layered plot, Rowley’s narrative evokes a strong sense of place, moral choices, immoral certainties and human nature whilst being a poignant reflection of the times we live in and a damming critique on a National Health Service which has become crippled by bureaucracy.

The enduring sorrow of those waiting for heart transplants is ripe for drama and Rowley grapples with provocative concepts in thoughtful terms whilst demonstrating a sure hand for staging scenes, creating strong characters and setting a tone.

Far too many novels abandon their soul by solving everything with their endings but life doesn’t have neat endings and to this end, Rowley places narrative and character arc at the centre of Rowan’s emotional and conflicted journey. Resisting the urge to reduce everything to a simplistic standoff between right and wrong whilst leaving readers curiously touched by a man who has stooped to murder and with more than a little by way of social commentary on which to reflect.

A finely tuned and suspenseful read The Syrian Heart has all the hallmarks and panache of a first-rate bestseller and is recommended without reservation!

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