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A Review Of Virulence By E. W. Johnson, M.D.

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Dr. Sean Nolan had never entertained the idea of becoming a part-time medical detective. His first venture had been an accidental inquiry. When the cancer deaths in his small-town practice began to rise, even claiming his own wife, he wanted to know why, and who was responsible. With no rule other than to find the truth, his unorthodox approach, occasionally stretching legal boundaries, proved an unstoppable force that left no unanswered questions.

The BookViral Review:

A taut and plausible Medical Thriller Virulence is sure to keep readers on tenterhooks throughout. And with more than enough unexpected plot twists to keep their attention as they find themselves drawn into the ensuing drama.

Benefitting from first-class writing and following the protocols of all good medical-thrillers Virulence evolves at a cracking pace. But Johnson’s not one to give anything away. Weaving clever narrative threads with a pressure cooker plot and a superb ensemble of well-nuanced characters.

First among these is Dr Nolan and Eileen and through them, Virulence quickly generates the kind of edge of your seat intrigue that keeps one glued to the words and the pages turning. Efficiently accumulating a sense of peril, daunting incidents and stark images as tightly focused scenes propel Johnson’s story forward.

With these nicely capturing the little quirks in typical conversation and the spontaneous explicit declarations you might expect from a doctor of Dr Nolan’s calibre we find ourselves immersed in a fight against time to identify the source of a Legionnaires disease outbreak.

Creating a blood-chilling scenario Johnson’s Virulence proves a timely and potent reminder that people do not “give” one another a virus. A virus is a life form evolved to seek out new hosts in order to survive and it’s only through the endeavours of the real-life Dr Nolans that we stay one jump ahead of mass deaths.

Powerful and highly entertaining Virulence proves a riveting read and is sure to meet with approval from fans of the genre. A five star read it is highly recommended.

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