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  • Languages: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 207 pages
  • Genre: Metaphysical & Visionary


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“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power not truth”

A powerful Metaphysical & Visionary novel The Doctrine of Recovery proves a genuine page-turner with Mutandis delivering a real sense of authenticity, which in part is down to extensive research as he deconstructs our current way of life, materialism, religion and politics to create a Utopian vision for future generations.

Anchored in this social context there’s everything fans of Metaphysical & Visionary could want. There’s tension and intrigue revolving around a first-class ensemble of characters with a fluid story arc that favours a degree of complexity and integrates them so well that you’ll feel you know each one intimately as you’re quickly drawn into their lives.

The Doctrine of Recovery is a shrewd cautionary tale that strikes a wide range of resonant chords, alternately corrosive, suspenseful, moving, and alarming with Mutandis’ narrative not only exploring the foundations of elitist wealth and the disproportionate influence they have on our lives but serving as a rallying call for those who crave a better way of living and a redistribution of wealth that would abolish inequality in all its guises.

Central to The Doctrine of Recovery is the enigmatic character of Herstel whose origins are clouded in mystery and not revealed till the final chapter. Through him, Mutandis creates a vivid visual sense of evolving events that make it well worth surrendering to his imagination. Few novels have this degree of ambition and it’s a shame because we need more authors like Mutandis who are capable of intellectual reflection in a way that underscores the need for urgent and sustainable change if our species is to survive.

Although a relatively quick read Mutandis’ attention to detail with respect to “Mighty Blue” and the geopolitical machinations behind it makes it a hauntingly austere piece of work. It’s rare to find a novel, in any genre, these days that’s as carefully crafted as this one and perhaps it isn’t a stretch to imagine a future where Herstel’s vision might one day subvert the democratic process and herald the dawn of a new world where hunger is a thing consigned to the darkest annals of history.

A Metaphysical & Visionary novel for readers demanding something more than a cursory page-turner The Doctrine of Recovery is highly recommended.

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