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Middle East Terrorism Thrillers

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  • ASIN: ‎ B00HZS3F48
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 386 pages
  • Page numbers source ISBN: ‎ 0991205200
  • Genre: Terrorism Thrillers

The BookViral Review:

A compelling, pertinent and powerful Terrorism Thriller in the honourable tradition of the Thriller Genre ‘Energy Dependence Day’ proves a positively gripping read from the start.

A novel that takes off with lightning speed Burton has delivered a fearless and ambitious read that’s written with equal parts passion and calculation with convincing real-world relevance combined alongside taut dialogue and multiple plot threads that favourably fall on the right side of contrived.

Despite the Thriller genre’s popularity, it is never the less a rare thing to find a novel with interesting characters in dense, intelligent storylines, but that’s exactly what ‘Energy Dependence Day’ offers as Burton takes a weighty and deeply shocking look at the many-tentacled beast of organized terrorism.

Underpinned by a weighty and deeply shocking plot Burton’s narrative is wide-ranging and restlessly probing as he introduces his readers to an eclectic cast of superbly imagined characters who are rooted in the real world.

At the centre of ‘Energy Dependence Day’ are the key characters of Al-Faruq, Husam and Steve Jamison and as more players are introduced Burton edits his narrative into a lean propulsive read that becomes increasingly tense. A read that benefits from well-nuanced dialogue and Burton’s intimate understanding of the Middle East’s prevailing cultural influences as we gradually come to understand how the separate stories of his characters are connected to one another.

Moving along at a breakneck pace the twists, and there are plenty of them, are refreshingly unpredictable as different pieces of the puzzle come together to give us an emotional wallop of a drama that notably captures the human face of terrorism.

An engrossing genre read and a powerful debut for Burton ‘Energy Dependence Day’ is an unreservedly recommended read.

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