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  • Publisher: ‎ FJK-KW; 1st edition (15 Dec. 2022)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 316 pages
  • Genre:  Military Intelligence & Espionage Thrillers

The BookViral Review:

Originality and authenticity always make for great books and Wegener delivers both as he takes us back to a world of post-World War II intrigue and ever-present danger.

Far too many Military Intelligence & Espionage thrillers try to deliver excitement through an abundance of action and adventure, but Wegener restrains himself from going too far and in doing so has penned an absorbing and intelligent read that engages from the start.  

As a former intelligence & Security analyst during the Cold War Wegener revels in the complexity of his tale as he weaves converging plot lines together that reflect on the horrors of the Valentin Bunker, the deaths of thousands of POWs who were forced to work there and the post World War II hunt for the perpetrators of such horrors.

Writing in crisp prose and only lingering in the detail when it isn’t to the detriment of his storyline, Wegener has a meticulous eye for detail. It is evident in the characters he creates and the authenticity he brings to his shadowy world of counterintelligence operations.

Wegener doesn’t hype or aggrandize the detailed richness of his story but diligently conveys the extremes and cold harsh realities of men and women at war as he explores the back stories of ‘Cap’ Caspar Lehman and former British SOE agent Ludmilla Haas.

With an emotional eddy at its centre, Grown Men Cry Out at Night is undeniably harrowing at times, particularly in recounting the traumas of imprisonment at the Valentin Bunker but on another level, it celebrates the endurance and resilience of soldiers at war lest we ever forget the sacrifices so many have made.

Sure to be met with approval by fans of Military Intelligence & Espionage Thrillers, Grown Men Cry Out at Night proves a wholly enjoyable read and one that is unreservedly recommended.

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