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  • Publisher: ‎ Brian H. Butler; 1st edition (19 Mar. 2022)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 371 pages
  • Genre:  Mind, Body & Spirit Book


The BookViral Review:

Brian. H. Butler’s theological experience is evident in this organic examination of the existence of God and the Bible as God’s word. With incredible detail, well-versed and researched, he guides his reader in a thorough examination, affording his reader respect by backing his findings with evidence and scriptural references.

Whilst presenting his own spiritual interpretation of the Bible, which largely falls in line with the studies of Dr Ernest. L. Martin, (who interestingly divorced himself from organised religion and contemporary theological educational bodies due to their deviation from biblical principles and beliefs), Butler encourages readers to check all biblical doctrines for themselves, but also stresses the need to do so with the acceptance that the Bible is God’s message to mankind, and with a request for God’s spirit to assist in searching for and finding the truth.

In fact, he recommends study ‘tools’ to aid in making true and unbiased conclusions, such as approaching study with an honest open-minded, meditative approach, examining subjects in their entirety, cross-referencing with context, chronology and geographical surroundings, and using a concordance to examine root words in the original Hebrew and Greek in which the Bible was written. Butler uses these tools throughout his own writing as he looks at many original Hebrew words to find true meaning and unearth the beautiful language of the original manuscripts.

This is a staggeringly all-inclusive book, with Butler travelling the length and breadth of the Holy Scriptures, demonstrating how the Bible, like a jigsaw, fits together and complements itself throughout, providing evidence that it needed more than human intervention in its conception and execution. He leaves no stone unturned as he considers creation, prophesy and the sound ethical and moral issues found within its pages, all supported by his own independent scientific research and a parallel consideration of human theory, highlighting the many miracles of nature and its functioning-all pointing towards a greater power.

Butler is extremely convincing in his unapologetic conviction and Faith, as he frankly outlines mankind’s spiritual responsibility of bearing the fruits of their beliefs and towards God, and bravely does not shy away from presenting the Bible’s view of marriage, sex and LGBTQI+, which are often glazed over in religious circles.

Although it contains an A-Z of the Bible, from creation to far, far into the future, this is not a book for the faint-hearted or wishy-washy. Butler’s aim is not to merely provide an outline of the Bible’s content and message, but rather to engender a desire to work hard in seeking the truth and act in line with those findings.

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