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A Review Of Mom... It's Cancer By Debbie Legault

Books About Breast Cancer
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Print Length: 256 pages

Language: English


Genre: Emotional Self Help

The BookViral Review:

An achingly intimate collection of blog posts, “Mom…It’s Cancer: They all said she was much too young. They were all very wrong” is alive to the emotions and poignant moments hospital dramas and other books on fighting the Big C often overlook.

A powerful portrait of a mother and daughter weathering the darkest of storms what shines through in Legault’s prose is the combination of her strikingly honest observations and her ability to convey an accumulation of details that form a shattering whole.

“Cancer changes people, and cancer also changes the people supporting the people who have cancer,” says Legault. She isn’t the first to write on the subject and she certainly won’t be the last but far too often memoirs like hers feel emotionally inert. Bludgeoning us over the head with intimate moments that are meant to put lumps in our throats. But try so hard to reach us on an emotional level that the result is numbing instead. This most definitely isn’t the case with “Mom…It’s Cancer: They all said she was much too young. They were all very wrong”

Brimming with wit, melancholia and laughs Legault’s blog posts are a spectacular delivery of tears, fears, love and laughter. A singular story that will strike a very personal note with women around the globe who have been diagnosed with breast cancer whilst finding common ground with a wider audience who have been afflicted by cancer in its differing and devastating manifestations.

A deeply moving, nuanced portrait of life after a cancer diagnosis “Mom…It’s Cancer: They all said she was much too young. They were all very wrong” is not a read to be quickly forgotten and is recommended without reservation.

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