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A Review Of Sita: Now You Know Me By Sini Panicker

Indian Myths and Legends
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  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (10 Mar. 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 344 pages
  • Page numbers source ISBN: 939026006X
  • Genre: Myth and Legends


SUMMARY: As she contemplates hymns and the very meaning of life, we see a woman evolved far beyond her time, a woman who speaks to us today, out of the narrative of one of the oldest epics. Set in the Vedic times of ancient India, Sita narrates the story of her turbulent life intimately, detailing her deepest despairs, grief and horrors, and her profound love for Ram. 

The BookViral Review:

“I was a lost life from the very beginning. I just did not know how lost”    


A powerful and enigmatic re-imagining of Sita in a story that evolves far beyond her reference in Valmiki’s Ramayana, Sita: Now You Know Me is sure to engender much reflection as Sini Panicker weaves a tale of literary eloquence.


It’s riveting and ably pitched against a decadent background that demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the era that is rich in detail and pulses with poetic flair whilst Panicker’s ability to develop relationship dynamics is simply superb. But as you might expect it is the character of Sita herself who steals the scenes as her plight evolves. Her character so well observed and her angst cleverly orchestrated to create a compelling protagonist who lingers beyond the page. 


A tale full of powerfully emotive images it certainly demands a slow read to appreciate Panicker’s stylistically beguiling prose as she effortlessly captures the nuances of her settings. From Sita’s marriage to Ram, exile and her abduction by Ravan. From shape-shifters to epic battles. To banishment, motherhood and her death, Panicker creates an intricate tapestry of events that pull her readers into an increasingly immersive storyline. 


Sita’s story is one of love, honour and duty and her innermost thoughts are echoed with a timely clarity. Majestically conjuring a palpable sense of time and place that transcends the page which proves unfalteringly enthralling and it would be a hard heart that didn’t find the essence of morality in her tale.


A powerful and riveting read throughout Sita: Now You Know Me is sure to win Sini Panicker a host of enthusiastic followers and is recommended without reservation.

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