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  • ASIN: ‎ B0B1NB4B33
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 345 pages
  • Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales

The BookViral Review:

A bewitching fantasy The Tinker The Mage & The Princess delivers a rousing, large-scale adventure that reminds us what’s so good about the fantasy genre.

It’s big on grandiose emotions like camaraderie, heroism, treachery and love with H. D. Bobb Jr. ably managing to avoid the prescriptive travelogue style of far too many fantasy epics through refreshingly uncompromising prose and a meticulous eye for detail.

With all the dramatic fantasy elements in place, it’s not a cursory read but it doesn’t feel overly drawn out, with action and intrigue finding a nice balance with well-observed scenes that are vivid and easy to slip into as he introduces us to the kingdoms of Balzar, Sulan and Autry.

Bobb Jr. is an author, who, to his credit, doesn’t feel the need to wallow in unnecessary poetics or the tritely dramatic and there is a refreshing degree of restraint in his narrative that leaves the imagination free to blossom. It’s most evident in the persona of his young protagonist, Swan. She isn’t the stoic stereotypical lead that dominates the majority of fantasy offerings, but quiet and somewhat colloquial as the mystery about her evolves, which in turn makes her character highly endearing.

With a succinct plot and an intriguing cast of supporting characters like Nathan, Jason, Jade and Princess Jennifer, he weaves the threads of an absorbing read that bucks the genre trend for complexity whilst adding just the right degree of levity. His characters are vivid and easily imagined, he doesn’t linger over laborious back stories and he avoids the current vogue for drawn-out showdowns which makes it a quick and satisfying read.

It’s definitely a story to keep readers on their toes with Swan avoiding the perils of trite and predictable storylines and adding some truly memorable moments as she finds herself, alongside Nathan, drawn into ever-darkening events.

A must-read for fans of the genre The Tinker The Mage & The Princess is highly recommended with much to look forward to in the forthcoming releases of The Eye Of Illusion and The Book Of Blessings.

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