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  • ASIN: ‎ B0BVCW4FW2
  • Publication date: ‎ February 8, 2023
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 221 pages
  • Genre:  Mythology & Folk Tales


The BookViral Review:

From its familiar and common-place beginning, ‘Playa Tales-Dust to Dust’ expands exponentially to become an extraordinarily compelling tale of astonishing other-worldly dimensions.

Though Jim, a fifty-somethings businessman has an evident affinity with mother earth, he seeks no more than a 6-month sabbatical away from his mining company to ‘re-find’ himself in the Sierra Hills; a time for peace, meditation and re-evaluation. What he gets is a great deal more than he bargained for!

The subsequent happenings carry Jim to other dimensions, where knowledge gives way to greater comprehension and awareness, gained slowly through the characters he meets and the experiences he encounters.

Conceptually interesting and realistically written, Brian Perry’s prowess as an accomplished writer is evident as he negotiates his self-imposed twists and turns with consummate ease and a real air of believability. The connectedness of Jim’s experiences with the dust of the earth, and the acquaintance of his new veracity with former familiar landscapes lends a sense of solidness to his larger-than-life narrative, as characters flow through different yet distinctly related realities in their journey towards acceptance and understanding.

Especially powerful are the shifts between dimensions, where Perry’s descriptive abilities build strong imagery to support his novel and unique ideas. The reader feels the pull of the earth, the echoing loneliness of the universe and the tremendous mystical power of the whirlwind of dust, as they are drawn ever deeper into a bonded and all-encompassing world.

One cannot fail to appreciate the deeper implicit messages in Brian Perry’s work. His words hold echoes of ancient cultures and beliefs, of the universe, earth and everything on it as one living and connected organism, pulsating and moving together, demanding respect, consideration and care. This underlying appeal sits as a foundation, supporting the narrative and lending hope to a world of selfishness.

A fantasy with a serious twist, ‘Playa Tales-Dust to Dust’ is highly recommended.

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