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  • ASIN: ‎ B0BJ5L6HNP
  • Publisher: ‎ Chas Novels (6 Nov. 2022)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 341 pages
  • Genre:  Native American Literature

The BookViral Review:

Ambitious in its scope Marcus Abston continues his “A Dying Truth Exposed” series with the release of The Two Wolves to give us yet another rich and intensely touching portrayal of life in a past age where racial tensions ran deep.

Intelligently written and vividly descriptive Abston’s newest release is a fine example of a consummate writer working to produce a deeply moving piece of history. One that is psychologically acute and conveys the human scale of society’s injustices at that time.

Central to Abston’s narrative is Annabelle’s heritage and through her, he asks questions that many of his readers will relate to: what are our origins and how do we connect to them through our collective memories? Though perhaps most remarkable about The Two Wolves is its emotional honesty with Abston rarely sidestepping the inner lives of his characters and never diminishing their own battles to live in times of extreme prejudices, however wrongheaded they might be.

Abston’s preference is for storytelling that focuses on building careful nuances and layered characters as opposed to big dramatic cymbal clashes (though there are a few) and it’s an approach that pays off as the epic scale of his series creeps up on you. On this level he achieves an elegant and affecting balance of humanity and moral indignation but whilst The Two Wolves is rooted in a precise historical period, it’s also a sobering commentary on timeless struggles which have defined a nation.

The Two Wolves is full of strong characters and powerfully poignant moments but never struggles to find the right balance between them. They aren’t swamped by melodrama and here there’s a timeless quality to Abston’s narrative that elevates it from what could have been a traditional and singular story about one person’s struggle and oppression into a layered, multi-dimensional one. Though what will make The Two Wolves a highly memorable read for many of its readers isn’t just its flashpoint topicality, but the way it aligns an old struggle with a current one.

Another superbly written and engaging read from Abston The Two Wolves once again places historical injustices under the spotlight and is unreservedly recommended!

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