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Neurology and Unexplained Mysteries

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  • Publisher: ‎ Grosvenor House Publishing (23 Nov. 2023)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 441 pages
  • Genre: Neurology and Unexplained Mysteries

The BookViral Review:

Andrew Tait invites his audience deep into his psyche with his frank and honest biography.

We join Tait in 1987, at the event of his birth. What follows is an intensely absorbing account of his perspectives, idiosyncrasies and difficulties, borne from something that at first, he is unaware of, but later manifested itself as Aspergers, part of the Autistic Spectrum.

Whilst it may be interesting to read about the Spectrum, and the differences in sensory, thought and perception it bestows, this book is on another level. Tait, a natural storyteller, describes from an inside perspective its all-encompassing nature.

The desperate shame associated by overthinking and social difficulties is starkly presented, as Tait, whilst aware on some level that his communication is somewhat A-typical, is powerless to negotiate the complicated rules of relationships, becoming close, instead, to those who remain untouchable.

However, the bravest part of this story is the sharing of his sensory processing difficulties, which throughout his life, have resulted in obesity and obsessive-compulsive disorder. With unusual clarity, Tait conveys his relationship, not just with food, but with its stimulatory effect on his senses; a sensory craving almost impossible to break free from, and his problems with sleep and an overriding impulse to wash himself over and over again in a helpless cycle impossible to break free from.

What is even more fascinating however, is Tait’s mental foray into the supernatural, intrinsically linked to his Aspergers and its ability to bestow completely different convictions and philosophies. Considering both the human condition and the atmosphere beyond, he presents some thought-provoking theories, developed from his curious nature.

From start to end, Tait shows a moving empathy towards his parents, particularly his Mother, as he realises the impact his uncontrollable behaviours have on her. Dedicating the book to his parents is an act of understanding of their own love, support and non-judgemental understanding of him.

Well worth a read, and a must if you seek understanding, Andy’s Nature is firmly recommended.

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