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"Mair applies his own brand of psychology to the inner person"

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  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 129 pages
  • Genre: New Age Personal Transformation


The BookViral Review:

A treasure trove of wisdom from author, Steward Mair, ‘The Right Royal’ wakes us up to the true meaning of happiness as it traverses the length and breadth of human existence in a little under 200 pages.

If you are looking for a book to make you wiser, you have landed on the right spot. Set in a fantasy land between the past and present, a bored, mildly alcoholic King summons his jester for his amusement. What follows is an astonishingly meticulous look both inwards at the functioning of the human psyche, and outwards at how control of it can lead to genuine transformation.

A synthesis of insights, The Right Royal gets to the nitty gritty of behavioural economics, as Mair applies his own brand of psychology to the inner person and its surroundings, linking the two in an unbreakable partnership, as he explains how the function of the universe depends on all elements-including humanity-working like a well-oiled and complimentary corpus.

Providing a thought-provoking framework to the most personal elements of existence; connection, awareness, energy, relationships, health and wealth, Mair teaches you how to negotiate decision-making and reactionary behaviour in a complex and ever-changing world. His ability to weave complex and challenging ideas into simple understandable language is reminiscent of ‘The Little Prince,’ and indeed displays the same innocent simplicity which seems compellingly sensible once read.

As a species who are more inclined to see things from our own, sometimes distorted perception, a frank and refreshing look at our own social failings, and a nudge towards a different, more inclusive lifestyle, is a welcome sojourn we would all do well to partake of.

If life is wearing you down or you have lost your way, you could do worse than to add this special little book to your collection.

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