A New 5 Star LGBT Humorous Fiction Novel Reviewed By BookViral

Robin Anderson Is Incredibly Funny & Wickedly Clever...!

New LGBT Humorous Fiction Novel 

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ASIN: ‎ B00JV06E6E

Language: ‎ English

Print length: ‎ 492 pages

Page numbers source ISBN: ‎ 1499283997

Genre: LGBT Humorous Fiction

The BookViral Review:

Wildly witty, inventive and audacious “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” pulses with raunchy energy as Anderson puts the pedal to the metal to give us a bracing slice of LGBTQ Fiction.

In the hands of another author, “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” could have been glib and smug, but it isn’t and none of this will be news for fans of Anderson’s novels whose signature prose is baroque, funny drama, with the pulse of sincerity beating below its glittering surface.

In typical Anderson fashion, he thrusts a subculture into the mainstream without explanation or a lecture on identity politics. “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” merely walks the walk and occupies its space with Anderson’s casting allowing him to move well beyond the usual clichés that establish characters as trans, to lift “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” into a subtly defiant piece of fiction.

In its opening pages you might not be sure where it’s heading as Miranda and Kookie exchange razor-sharp barbs of wit but “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” is a comedy laced with rambunctious, exuberantly ragged dialogue with Anderson revelling in the power of clichés and double entendre. And on this level, his triumph is primarily a matter of style and visionary revelation that’s every bit as expressionistic as Miranda and Kookie’s electric sense of fashion!

It’s around “transvestites of Taste; never Tackiness” Miranda Maracona and Kookie Kombuis that “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” bounces between fantastical indulgence and perpetual scheming but as with Anderson’s “Omnipotent” and “Pillow Squawk” he still allows us to believe in their characters. It’s not enough for them to simply survive the web they’ve spun, they thrive, and it’s this insistence that defines “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” from the very beginning.

To describe “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” as simply good would be derisory. It’s incredibly funny, wickedly clever, but also strangely touching and defines Anderson’s repertoire. A five star read it is unreservedly recommended.

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