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"O'Joseph delivers a visually intricate and gripping tale..."

New Science Fiction Releases 2022

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  • ASIN: ‎ B07ZFXVX63
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 391 pages
  • Genre: Science Fiction

The BookViral Review:

Compelling and awash with a host of unforgettable characters, Memloots – The Exposition is a close encounter with the best of intelligent, thoughtful science fiction as Francis O’Joseph notably blends the requisite elements of action and adventure with the perceptiveness of this ever popular genre.

A highly original and assuredly paced novel, O’Joseph certainly knows how to build a visually intricate and gripping tale, whilst his inventiveness is hard to deny. From conception to execution his plot is wholly engaging as he confidently navigates multiple threads, proving it’s not impossible to give readers both a puzzle-box narrative and an exploration of what it means to be human in an alien world.

O’Joseph not only understands the devices of engaging science fiction, he also owns them as he takes his readers on an unrestrained journey that prizes the rhythms and textures of his plot as much as the hows and whys as Philo finds his life on an unimagined trajectory with world-changing consequences. His story unfolding in a daring sequence of narrative leaps to become an increasingly addictive and alluring sci-fi puzzle.

Philo’s story is one of destiny but not in the mawkish cathartic way. It is tough, bleak, brutally intense at times, and genuinely scary in a way that makes you ponder the nature of existence as the suspense and tension rise. And for readers willing to put in the effort, O’Joseph achieves that rare feat of not only entertaining but will leave his readers feeling as though their minds have been expanded along the way.

A unique and memorable read, Memloots – The Exposition is pure escapism from start to finish and is highly recommended.

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