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Bruce J Mitchell’s Helruna: An Anglo-Norse Tale of Terror

Newly Released Dark Fantasy Novels

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  • ASIN: ‎ B09Q5DQCFH
  • Publisher: ‎ AuthorHouse (5 Jan. 2022)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 247 pages
  • Genre: ‎ Dark Fantasy

The BookViral Review:

Something dark is brewing in Montreal and it’s sure to capture your imagination in   Bruce J Mitchell’s Helruna: An Anglo-Norse Tale of Terror.

A magic that has spanned the centuries, manifested in the forces of good and evil as destinies reveal themselves. It’s a splendid tale that Mitchell has spun, his plot intricate and well-conceived, regaling readers with age-old mysteries, whilst the devices of suspense and tension are maintained throughout.

Many authors try and fail to pull off the kind of supernatural plot that Mitchell nails in ” Helruna” and the secret to his success here are confidence, patience and a sound understanding of what readers want from the Dark Fantasy genre.

His confidence is apparent in the way “Helruna’s” core mythology and characters dovetail into a feverishly enjoyable guilty pleasure. His patience is evident in the intriguing backstories he creates for his characters whilst his understanding of the genre is clearly evident in a narrative that embraces gratifyingly dark overtures and is cool enough to convince his readers that he isn’t simply spinning a yarn that they have read some iteration of many, many times before.

In short, “Helruna” has all the ingredients for a compelling and rewardingly entertaining Dark Fantasy adventure. Mitchell’s characters are superb, and they make an appealing, believable group as the supernatural elements escalate to create an emotionally compelling hook whilst the central relationship between Bessie and Bryant Butterworth is good enough to build an exciting series around.

Yes, you could point to a host of bestselling books in the genre and make justifiable comparisons, but Mitchell has delivered a read that is rather distinctive and it’s this combined with the mechanics of good storytelling that make it a highly recommended read!

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