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  • ASIN: ‎ B07Q2D4XNR
  • Publisher: ‎ Red Giant Publishing (23 Mar. 2019)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 229 pages
  • Genre: High Tech Science Fiction

The BookViral Review:

An intelligent and portentous read that will work as a wish-fulfilment fantasy for many science fiction fans Dream Phaze – Germination introduces us to the idea of experiencing realities far beyond the reach of our waking minds! Transporting us to wondrous new places, throwing us into dangerous and exciting adventures, and making us re-evaluate our waking lives from an entirely different perspective.

Far too many novels seem to come from the recycling bin these days but “Dream Phaze – Germination” does a difficult thing. It is wholly original, swarming with original ideas, and yet structured with Sci-Fi thriller basics so it feels wholly possible in a not far too distant future!

In a breathless narrative that’s terrifically good, Watters not only entertains but sets out to explore how the prospect of lucid dreaming on demand might be received by subsets of society and his grasp on the labyrinthine machinations of his plot are impressive as he grapples with provocative ideas in thoughtful terms.

Demonstrating a sure hand at creating visual scenes and setting tone Watters has a real feel for the staging of events and dramatic narrative momentum without reducing everything to simplistic standoffs between right and wrong.

An example of this is the superb twist he gives us in Hugo’s kidnapping which allows for a collision of ideology and emotion. And he’s just one of a host of well-crafted characters Watters brings to life through sparkling dialogue as he explores our growing obsession with disconnecting from the ‘real world’ without wallowing in a cliched doom-laden parable of metaphysical sci-fi that simply flirts with the consequences of tinkering with realism.

Highly original and powerful Dream Phaze – Germination makes for a superb start to Watters’ series and is highly recommended!

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