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"Lyons and Braga impart an enlightened perspective"

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  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 204 pages
  • Genre: Parenting Emotions & Feelings

The BookViral Review:

With so many parenting books in print, it has become increasingly difficult to sort the good from the bad The Seven Easy Steps To Anger Management For Parents With Toddlers refreshingly falls into the former category with Lyons and Braga imparting an enlightened perspective.

Relentless book releases in recent years have yielded a bewildering amount of information about parenting. By rights, we should be extremely interested and consider ourselves far more informed than the generations that have gone before us. Unfortunately, many of us simply aren’t because the sheer volume of contradictory advice can be confusing.

Books on parenting should be a voyage of discovery, never a chore but far too many are smothered with impenetrable jargon and lifeless prose that stymy our innate curiosity and Lyon and Braga seem acutely aware of this,  demonstrating a talent for lightly holding the reader’s hand throughout and quickly building up trust.

Their book’s underlying strength lies in the fact that Lyon and Braga aren’t stuffy academics. They know that dull or inscrutable prose doesn’t make a subject relatable and that’s what they do so that shards of understanding will hit readers with every chapter till they feel genuinely enlightened. It’s not only a pleasure to dip into, but also one of the few parenting guidebooks that can be read cover to cover and feel genuinely informative. They don’t preach and most importantly they offer a clear solid rationale behind their unique approach.

Framing The Seven Easy Steps To Anger Management For Parents With Toddlers within the context of their own experiences Lyon and Braga offer us powerful insights into the anger we often feel as parents whilst taking an illuminating look at the deep effects it has on child development. Taking us through their seven-step programme as they look at how we can leverage personal transformation from the inside out to create a positive mental attitude and reduce levels of stress.

A thought-provoking read you know from its opening pages that you are in the hands of passionate and candid writers whose words get to the heart of what it takes to make lasting and transformative change on the journey we call parenthood. The Seven Easy Steps To Anger Management For Parents With Toddlers is highly recommended.

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