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A BookViral Review Of Pink Panthers By Nebojsa Saikovski

The Pink Panthers Diamond Thieves

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SUMMARY: Ocean’s Eleven meets The Godfather in this real-life story thriller about the infamous Pink Panthers gang of diamond thieves which has it all, shocking war and political drama, sweeping dialogue, dark humor, well-placed twists and flashbacks, and sufficient heist action scenes and crime thriller suspense to keep you constantly engaged.

The BookViral Review:

High stake heists have become a relatively common theme for thrillers, but few are as memorable as Pink Panthers. A riveting read with Saikovski masterfully fusing fact with fiction to bring an edgy sense of authenticity to his tale.

With a rich, dark, plot of entanglements that fulfils all the requirements of the genre, it’s clever, fast-paced and inventive, the action evolving in tightly focused scenes, played out across a gamut of International locations.

Underpinned by converging plot threads Saikovski‘s attention to detail is superb whilst well-observed characterization creates an overall sense of authenticity.

There are numerous well-drawn characters but in the main  Saikovski’s narrative revolves around Victor, Jolly and Jacqueline with Saikovski comfortably conveying scenes that can be readily internalized by his readers.

On this level Pink Panthers is a heist novel in the classic tradition – it details every aspect of their high profile operations, from their genesis to their aftermath with Saikovski’s underpinning research proving top notch. Whilst the fact that Saikovski’s plot is based on real-life events makes the prevailing sense of intrigue and danger swirling around the edges even more fascinating.

An enjoyable novel that combines wit and intelligence Pink Panthers proves a gem of a read and one that should have a special appeal to fans of high-end thrillers and heist novels. It is strongly recommended.


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