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A BookViral Review Of Poems and Notes By N S A Parsons

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Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: AuthorHouse UK (25 Nov. 2019)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1728394619

ISBN-13: 978-1728394619

Genre: Poetry and Reflection

The BookViral Review:

A remedy to irrelevance, Poems and Notes proves an anthology of profound depth that blends poetic prose with expansive implications. Thirty-five distinct and wholly disparate offerings with a common undertone, the echo of life is to be found on every page.

Parsons states in his prologue that his desire is to leave behind some enduring, half secret: a temple in the desert “which the imagination might inhabit like the wind, finding and longing for meaning”. It’s a lofty aspiration and yet he’s achieved just that. Delivering a swiftly morphing exploration that finds a fine balance between sensory impulse and moral testament.

Some titled, some simply numbered, Parson’s prose are exquisite. From 77 “Rising on each fluttering note. As certitude in strong convulsions born” to the succinct 55 “My pleasure still is sickly with the strife. Of fearing for the death that gives it life” These are prose that need no further articulation. Simply igniting the spark of recognition, that in time, space and origin we are all connected through our thoughts.

Parsons ends his prologue by stating “I will live and die with those ghosts that I have loved, knowing that the world has no need of me or anything of mine” And yet his poems and notes reflect the minutiae of our lives. Reminding us that those barriers we so readily erect are nothing more than illusions we have propagated in our piffling insecurities.

Beautifully penned and thought-provoking Poems and Notes is certainly deserving of a place on your bookshelf and is unreservedly recommended.

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