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A Review Of Imagine No More By Vincent Cotroneo

Poetry and Reflections

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Paperback: 145 pages

Language: English


Genre: Poetry and Reflections

The BookViral Review:

Take a deep breath and enter the mind of Vincent Cotroneo through the pages of Imagine No More. An author for whom the unconscious subconscious takes literary form and brings a powerful and highly distinctive literary voice to all of his musings.

The vast majority of our thinking efforts goes on subconsciously. The intrusive thoughts we may experience throughout the day illustrate the disconcerting fact that many of the functions of the mind are outside of conscious control yet surprisingly few authors write about it. It’s not an easy subject on which to write and yet Cotroneo explores the mind’s freewheeling friskiness with startling clarity. 

Through random reflections and poetic verse, he demonstrates an unwavering ability to look to his own experiences and transition these to the written word without diminishing them. He doesn’t care if you feel uncomfortable, he wants you to know the nature of unconscious subconscious as we seek to find ourselves and there are times when you can take his words and imagine ourselves immersed in the scenario he’s describing

“I spent an enormous amount of time thinking about thinking. In the process of doing so I became trapped inside my mind and entered some dark places”, writes Cotroneo and it’s this level of candidness that makes his words so powerful. From poems like The Puppet Master and What Death Feels Like to reflections like Everything I Knew he leaves us in no doubt as to the impact our unfiltered subconscious has on our mental wellbeing.

Highly recommended for anyone one interested in the unconscious subconscious Imagine No More proves a must-read.

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