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A Review Of The White Colossus By Enne Baker

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  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 63 pages
  • Genre: Poetry

The BookViral Review:

A remedy to irrelevance, The White Colossus is an anthology of significant depth that blends a menagerie of stylistic prose with expansive implications. Twenty distinct and wholly disparate offerings with a common undertone, the echo of life is to be found on every page.

With just a few succinct words Enne Baker gives us more than a humble theme to create a swiftly morphing exploration that finds a fine balance between sensory impulse and reflection as he explores the fundamentals of life. The  beliefs that sustain us, culture, and the questions we invariably come to ask as we reflect upon the purpose of our lives and our place in the universe.

Whilst a short collection this in no way stunts the uniqueness of each one. Baker seems intent on igniting the spark of recognition, that in time, space and origin we are all connected and those barriers we so readily erect are nothing more than illusions we have erected in response to our insecurities.

Of particular note are Baker’s poems Gaia’s Tears, The Marble Mannequins and Scrabble. Powerful pieces that conjure up vivid images on which to linger. With each attesting to the quality of Baker’s prose and his ability to make us see aspects of life we might not otherwise experience. Aspects that are both intimate and at the same enlightening.

An original and absorbing anthology. The White Colossus proves a notable poetic debut for Baker and is strongly recommended.

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