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"A sobering and reflective second instalment in Aune’s series"

Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Fiction

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  • Print length: ‎ 649 pages
  • Genre: Post-Apocalyptic

The BookViral Review:

The Journey North is Eric Aune’s second release in his Ripple Effect series. A dystopian saga of epic proportions that transports its readers to a world that has been decimated by a Mass Coronal Event and survivors must come to terms with life without the technology on which we have come to depend.

Emotionally realistic, part of its appeal is that it puts the reader right in the moment at every stage. Aune isn’t afraid to go to some dark places and the intricacies of his story about a very real threat to our world makes his novel more tragic and also more chilling.

Whilst The Journey North revolves around a succinct cast of main characters like County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Mike Kilpatrick and Richard, Aune has created a community of supporting characters that has allowed him to delve into the social constructs and moral dilemmas likely faced by a post-apocalyptic society. He sees fear and pain, he sees fortitude and bravery, but mainly he sees this: In that defining moment when technology fails us it may be nothing more than a thin wedge of luck that dictates whether we live or die when ordinary lives are replaced by mad scrambles for food and supplies for those who survive.

It’s a sobering thought and one that Aune tackles with unflinching honesty. He isn’t giving us an unbelievable dystopian future. It is a very real possibility and he simply strips away all the conditions that make our world what it is to show us what extreme conditions can do to human beings. He explores the best and worst aspects of human nature and in doing so he gives The Journey North the illuminating cadence of a nonfiction account.

With the next leg of their journey begun Aune’s plucky survivors carry the memory of another deadly gun battle in which one of their own died. The tracks ahead are fraught with more of the same but there is hope as they encounter similar-minded communities who like them have come together to help one another.

A sobering and reflective second instalment in Aune’s Ripple Effect series The Journey North is a must-read for fans of realistic apocalyptic fiction and is highly recommended.

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