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Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction series

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  • ASIN: ‎ B0BTGY5G9P
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 515 pages
  • Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

The BookViral Review:

A dystopian fiction novel that makes uncommonly smart use of dystopian clichés The Ripple Effect is an intense, nailbiter that more often than not stays within the realm of plausibility.

Knowing that The Ripple Effect is based on a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) the near certain future occurrence of a CME with global impact adds a sobering perspective and Aune’s opening chapters are deliberate and focused, steadily building the tension as he raises the extremely high stakes.

Key to this is his ability to give us characters we care about. There are no caricatures or genre stereotypes here. Aune has a very humanistic approach to how his characters are presented and developed. They are individually down to earth and most importantly are never exaggerated for the sake of drama.

He imbues them with familiar and endearing emotions; former County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Mike Kilpatrick is perfectly suited to the role of protagonist whilst young martial artist Garrett particularly shines for his courage as the eclectic group of survivors find themselves facing a host of exhilarating, richly constructed adversaries and challenges.

Many things will strike a familiar chord – ignored warnings, a natural catastrophe, families in peril. The group’s quest to reach Jamestown is fraught with endangerment and threat. Their new reality proves tenuous and uncertain and there’s the ever-present hint at an inbuilt fatalism for our precariously balanced modern civilization with its over-dependence on technology.

As with all good offerings of the Dystopian Fiction genre, Aune uses familiarity to cleverly question all we live for and value and to highlight the fragility of societal beliefs we all cling to.  This theme underpins both plot and trajectory to give us a tale of crisis, calamity, heroism, sacrifice and pathos and it’s to Aune’s credit that he competently and effectively crafts a fresh and unique novel that leaves us with something daunting to reflect on.

The Ripple Effect is highly recommended to fans of Dystopian fiction and an unreservedly recommended 5-star read.

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