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Real Estate, Dating, and Death by Ashley Addison

Dating and death

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  • ASIN: ‎ B094X4WSL1
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 219 pages
  • Genre: Murder Mystery


SUMMARY: In this, the second novel in the Vivianne Murphy Mystery series, a dead bride is discovered murdered at Vivianne and Venice’s brokerage, a homeless family is found sleeping in a vacant house and Viv’s mother, who is a force, is having open heart surgery.On a personal level, Venice becomes romantically involved with Bryan, who is moving out of state and Vivianne becomes concerned Venice will follow him. That is, until Viv starts dating a former client who’s handsome, amusing, and insanely rich.In some of the many subplots, Viv’s niece has a run in with a kidnapper, there’s a wedding, another murder, and a tense final act.

The BookViral Review:

Singular and wholly captivating, Real Estate, Dating, and Death: Book Two in Addison’s Vivianne Murphy Mystery Series will have readers addicted both to the chemistry between protagonists Vivianne and Venice and to the tingly suspense that ripples beneath the surface.

With characters and backstories clearly established in Real Estate, Murder, and Mayhem Addison once again weaves a plot that plays to the best in genre and spins it with a level of clarity that leaves us in no doubt what she wants us to think, suspect and know. Drawing us into events that compel us to dwell on the outcome, but always finding the right balance between show and tell, with a fine eye for detail when the setting demands it. 

This is essential because the Vivianne Murphy Mystery Series key themes of friendship, intimacy and truth are often shaped by perspective and can be more complicated than they might first seem. And it’s this that Addison taps into to create the undeniably warm rapport that defines Vivianne and Venice’s friendship and brings their characters to life.

The twists work well and not so many shocks that they begin to wear thin with Addison careful not to condense Vivianne and Venice into a handful of tropes or traits. They are genuinely interesting strong and intelligent in a genre that tends to play women as tough but essentially vulnerable characters whilst the added romantic dynamics lead to a cracking ending with the promise of more releases in the series to come.

In a genre that more often than not favours graphic detail over the elements of good writing, it’s certainly refreshing to find an author like Addison who consistently delivers. A must-read for fans of the genre Real Estate, Dating, and Death is highly recommended!

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