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A BookViral Review Of Reassemble By Larry Buenafe

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Lucas Taylor has decided: enough is enough. One way or another, it ends here.

He will wait no longer. He will use the amazing tech at his disposal, gather up as much help as he can, and save his father. If he doesn’t get himself, his father, and all his friends killed first. Which, with the full might of the American military against them, seems likely.

The forces align in this fourth and final chapter in the Singular series, and the saga of Lucas, singular tech marvel.

The BookViral Review:

If you’ve read the first three books in Buenafe’s Singular series you’ll know they deliver oodles of suspense, drama and action-packed romp for all your escapism needs. But all good things come to an end and sadly Reassemble is the final release in Buenafe’s popular series.

With such a wildly imaginative series you might have expected it to run out of steam but Reassemble sees Buenafe firing on all cylinders. Giddy with the joy of its plot you can imagine him grinning as he wrote it and knowing Lucas was undertaking his last mission he’s packed it chockablock with whizz technology and gadgets galore as Lucas and friends set out for the infamous Area 51 to rescue his father.

As you would expect with Buenafe there is the familiar and enjoyable hokum of the genre – a giddy plot which continuously gathers momentum, shifting alliances and nail-biting escapes. The action sequences are vivid and full of twists with well-developed characters but as with previous releases in the series, it’s Buenafe’s witty dialogue that makes Reassemble so good.

A fast-moving, highly enjoyable and clever take on the superhero genre, Reassemble proves a superb ending to the Singular series and is recommended without reservation!

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