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A BookViral Review Of REBOOT By Larry Buenafe

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How much more dystopian adventure can a teenager take? He’s been forced into herculean tasks to secure the release of his kidnapped father, and even if he survives his labors, he knows they won’t release him anyway.

The BookViral Review: Genre – YA Near Future Science Fiction

It might only have been a few months ago since Lukey woke up in the hospital in Riverside but his life has changed beyond all recognition and Reboot proves another splendid release in the Singular series. An action-packed read where the pace rarely wanes some series lose their momentum but Buenafe continues to keep it refreshingly original with each outing.

With our favourite characters back and a new mission which takes Lukey to Brazil to free an imprisoned President in the waiting, the stakes are higher than ever before. Especially with a new breed of augmented human with increased strength and speed to deal with! But Lukey takes it all in his stride with Cheri never far from his side and the incredible Ava always in his head!

Few authors have created believable AI characters but Buenafe has done just that. He has a particular turn of phrase which is rather distinctive and it’s this combined with the mechanics of good storytelling that makes the relationship between Lukey and Ava so good and Reboot a genuine pageturner. Needless to say it all ends on another cliff hanger ending!

A fine combination of thrills and timely humour Reboot is sure to be well received by fans of the Singular series and is highly recommended. A must-read for fans of YA Science Fiction Thrillers!

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