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A Soul-searching Memoir From Benjamin Plumb

  • ASIN: ‎ B09RTZX4LN
  • Publisher: ‎ The Satisfied Introvert LLC (4 Feb. 2022)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 329 pages
  • Genre: Self-Help

The BookViral Review:

Benjamin Plumb’s soul-searching memoir “The Satisfied Introvert’ delves bravely into the motivations and processes which drive our lives, using an honest and sometimes self-deprecating account of his own life. Now in his 80’s, Benjamin casts a wise eye over introversion, and the difficulties it presents in today’s brash and flashy world.

We journey with Benjamin through romance, business, adventure, and personal grief, where the oxymoron of both the self-sufficiency and the sometimes needy side of introversion becomes all too apparent.

Benjamin does not shy away from his life’s self-confessed blunders; instead his open and often humorous narrative resonates not only with introverts but with all of us who use coping mechanisms to function in the wider world, showing us the path to break free of them.

In a paradoxical twist from the title of his book, Benjamin teaches us that rather than finding safety outside of ourselves, it is letting go of our ‘fall-out position’, or perceived ‘winning recipe’, whilst maintaining integrity towards ourselves, that leads to greater peace and fulfilment.

His insight into both the strengths of being an introvert (listening closely and deeply; writing; avoidance of conflict; deep concentration and focus), and the weaknesses (needing the emotional care but being too process-driven to return it; looking in the microscope when a telescope is needed), have led him to his own personal salvation, and the path to help others do the same.

Benjamin advocates a balanced strategy of becoming absorbed with making a difference to and empowering others-promoting outward thinking, responsibility and control of participation, and giving interaction with the outside world a focus-whilst not apologising or trying to compensate for being an introvert, rather enjoying and cultivating quiet personal strengths.

A liberating book that builds on personality types and childhood schemas, ‘The Satisfied Introvert’ is a useful tool for both introverts and extroverts alike. It is highly recommended!

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