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"An intriguing and absorbing read..."

Religion & Spirituality (Books)

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  • Publisher: ‎ Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. (13 Mar. 2019)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 67 pages
  • Genre:  Religion & Spirituality (Books)

The BookViral Review:

With a fascinating perspective of spirituality, Diane Garrison relays the visions of her Mother in a series of offerings entitled ‘Gods Truthful Truths’. Volume 1 ‘Running out of Time’ tracks the early childhood of Garrison’s Mother, Victoria Brown, and how her faith enabled her to transcend the abuse and mistreatment she endured, particularly in her early life.

Garrison’s words echo many common biblical beliefs, such as the call to live according to the fruitages of the spirit, such as hope, joy and love. However, Victoria Brown’s message through her daughter does not shy away from some lesser accepted Bible principles, such as the fact that taking a human life is condemned under any circumstances, and man’s lack of respect for God in ruining the world that was created for them.

Furthermore, she introduces some alternative beliefs, such as returning to the earth after death to reap the results of a former life, primarily by experiencing the same pattern of life that was meted out to others.

Garrison fashions her words in an ancient tongue, which adds to the majestic and imposing atmosphere of her writing-one can imagine the awe-inspiring experience of her Mother as she was visited with dreams and portents.

An interesting introduction to faith salvation and speaking in tongues, Garrison convincingly demonstrates how belief acts as a shield and protector during challenging moments in life and as a support in living life the way the Creator intended.

An intriguing and absorbing read.

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