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  • Publisher: ‎ (December 20, 2023)
  • Publication date: ‎ December 20, 2023
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 374 pages
  • Genre:  Romance Thriller

The BookViral Review:

“A psychopath doesn’t care what you feel, barely notices what you feel.” She runs her hands up beneath my shirt, over my chest muscles. Stops near my heart. “I know exactly what you’re feeling and I care very much.”

A Romance Thriller ‘The Manic Mission (Children of the Mob, #1)’ draws its readers in from the first moment and keeps them in its thrall until the very last word. It’s one of those rare novels that excite the emotions in the way good fiction should, but it also stirs the quieter feelings of anger and helplessness we associate with adolescent romance to create a unified and disturbing psychological subtext. It’s thrilling and unpredictable and Simone doesn’t short-change romantic angst whilst social commentary interwoven throughout the plot is both stark and real.

Not every writer can convey the physical sense of their characters but here C.J. Simone somehow takes us inside them, so that we understand what it would be like to be them. Her dialogue has an intense energy to it which poignantly conveys the moment, but it’s her fine eye for the nuances of character and the darker side of relationships which ultimately elevate her narrative.

Wisely avoiding the stereotypes that dominate popular Rockstar Romances, Simone leans toward the fallible side of her characters, imbuing them with a real-world presence that is by turn witty and darkly introspective. On this level, she doesn’t pump up her plot with recycled manufactured thrills. Through Gabe Giordano, Savannah, Mayson and Claire, Simone takes us deeper as she confidently explores the trauma of sexual abuse and control. Exposing motivation and reaction, she leads her central characters in a ghastly dance of refusal and relief in a plot that turns a spotlight on the unfortunate existence of many young people who have both innocence and happiness torn away from them at a tender age.

The Manic Mission (Children of the Mob, #1) is an unreservedly recommended 5-star read.

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