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Romantic Psychological Fiction Novels

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  • ASIN: ‎ B09YWKRLG6
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 347 pages
  • Genre: Romance & Psychological Fiction


The BookViral Review:

Few novels genuinely deserve the epithet of ‘page-turner’ but Oblivion Black succeeds fabulously, not only as an excellent example of the genre but as an exciting read in its own right.


Cleverly plotted, beautifully characterized, dark and utterly compelling it’s clear from the start that Wojciechowski knows how to weave an intriguing narrative and she is quick to hit her stride to give us a haunting and idiosyncratic read with a savvy emotional payoff about taking chances and moving forward.


Taking the best elements of Romance and Psychological Fiction Wojciechowski brings a freshness to established genre tropes as Antoni becomes an all-prevailing presence in Ona’s life. A privileged life in stark contrast to her own and Wojciechowski’s carefully constructed narrative which adopts alternating perspectives will have readers on tenterhooks as her characters evolve and change.


Despite the ever-popular pull of the genre, there are surprisingly few reads that create authentic relationships between protagonists, but with Oblivion Black’s eclectic cast Wojciechowski has pitched it perfectly and the burgeoning relationship between Ona and Antoni is touchingly rendered and feels very real. Both are well nuanced and sensitively drawn protagonists with a host of obstacles for them to overcome but Wojciechowski keeps us guessing to the very end with a climatic denouement that’s sure to have far-reaching implications!


In keeping with the best the genre has to offer, the emphasis in Oblivion Black is not on action but interaction—especially the verbal kind. And atmosphere. And here Wojciechowski is on top form with pacing that is decidedly unhurried and assuredly elevated by her exceedingly appealing leads. Especially Antoni who Wojciechowski has absolutely nailed as the reclusive and emotionally guarded loner who finds solace in the clay he moulds.


A superb read that will surely appeal to fans of Romance and Psychological Literary Fiction Oblivion Black proves a powerful start to Wojciechowski’s ‘Sculptor’ series and a 5-star unreservedly recommended read.


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