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  • ASIN: ‎ B0B19469CC
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 424 pages
  • Genre: Christian Suspense Fiction

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Edgy with smart dialogue, at first glance, Chasing Shadows might seem like a conventional romance, but it’s a snapshot of two lives: of a journalist whose success and integrity have placed her life at risk, and a bodyguard whose tragic backstory and strong moral compass have left him desperately seeking reconciliation with a sister he thought was lost to him.


The conventions of the genre dictate that the journalist, Araceli Cancio and bodyguard Anthony, have to get off on the wrong foot; Araceli doesn’t like Anthony meddling with her lifestyle and freedom, and he doesn’t have any respect for her lack of cooperation and Rivera’s narrative thrives on the kind of guarded romantic tension that grows between two people who spend a lot of time keeping their priorities in focus.


Chasing Shadows is the sequel to Rivera’s Chasing The Wind and as with the latter, she injects her narrative with realistic detail and heartfelt emotion. The conversations between Araceli and Anthony – about the threats to her, her safety, and their respective pasts feel as though they’re taking place between real people and the banter between them is first-class.


Yes, the bodyguard theme isn’t new. Typically they’re action-orientated and underlined by deeply brooding characters that create the illusion of meaning even when nothing’s there but Chasing Shadows is not a re-tread of other bestsellers. It’s a smart, tense read that straddles the Christian Fiction and Thriller genres to take readers on a revealing and atmospheric journey with underpinning Christian values.


As Rivera’s plot advances Araceli and Anthony develop a deep-rooted respect for each but their romantic feelings remain unclear. These are explored through the reintroduction of Rivera’s key characters in Chasing The Wind and primarily the reconciliation between Anthony and his sister Marisol Colucci. With these characters already established Rivera’s narrative doesn’t waste a line and when its climax comes it’s not only exciting but when you come to turn the last page you know it couldn’t have ended any other way!


A superb sequel to Chasing The Wind, Chasing Shadows proves a genuine page-turner and is highly recommended!

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