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A Review Of The Road To Covid-30 By Dunk Dougan IX

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  • Language: English
  • Print length: 230 pages
  • Genre: Satire and Social Commentary


Do you remember the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? Our lives halted (for only 1 week in Texas) and the prolonged state of stasis left us withering to the bitter winds of constant change which violently swirled around us.

From the humble perspective of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, The Road To COVID-30 seeks to smash through the barrier that holds you back from your future: Yourself. For you see, you must shift with the paradigm or else be left abandoned, alone, to simply turn to dust. Self-preservation and reclamation are interchangeable, and with newfound grace, now apply to your soul as well as your workplace environment.

The BookViral Review:

In the midst of a pandemic where every political pronouncement and any news update relating to Covid 19 is endlessly scrutinized, The Road To COVID-30: Self-Help Satire For The Soul proves cuttingly allegorical and refreshingly uplifting.

Of course, satire authors have a long history of skewering politics and headline news systems for tragicomic gain but just because satire is near the knuckle doesn’t detract from the kernels of truth that permeates its pages. And Dunk Dougan IX leaves us with plenty on which to reflect.

It doesn’t matter where you stand on the issue of Covid -19 but there’s no denying we live in odd times where truth is often stranger than fiction and with this in mind he has cleverly highlighted hot-button issues whilst helping us keep our sense of humour along the way.

With an acerbic narrative perspective, he uses irony, exaggeration and ridicule to look to a future of “fragmented uncertainty” where our societal paradigms will be replaced. To reality TV shows with some delightful tongue in cheek suggestions like Pitch Lines, Stun Run and Serenading Angels to hilarious tips for living in a future where Covid has continued to mutate. Whilst highlighting the very real realities of a present in which we’ll pay $85 for our phone bill when it costs just $11.99 to sponsor a child for food, education and welfare!

For readers who love books that make them laugh out loud whilst highlighting the absurdity of issues that in reality are deadly serious, The Road To COVID-30: Self-Help Satire For The Soul is a must-read and is highly recommended.

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