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  • ASIN: ‎ B0C34F27B6
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 278 pages
  • Genre: Science Fiction Romance

The BookViral Review:

Alien Swarms.
Ceaseless wars.
Hive worlds, pirates and conflict without end.

Billed as a Romantic Space Opera of Galactic Proportions, Beyond Conviction proves just that, with a story that combines all the required ingredients of the subgenre. Quick to gather momentum, Watson’s plot is lively and suspenseful without the burden of needless complexity, whilst seamlessly assimilated futuristic technology and weaponry adds to a sense of authenticity.

Far too many Science Fiction novels are long in the telling, with overly convoluted plots. However, in this respect, Watson has pitched Beyond Conviction just right. Creating a vibrant sense of time and place that readily conveys us to the far-flung outpost world of Adroa, Watson creates an absorbing, vivid, un-sanitized depiction of a farming town where the stakes are high, and kindness is a rarity not to be trusted.

Engaging our imagination to the fullest, Watson’s characters are well nuanced and multi-layered whilst fight and battle scenes are succinctly crafted without being repetitious. Clearly, character development is Watson’s forte and the relationships between his key characters are deeply explored and intelligently conveyed, but without the need for overwrought sentimentality, as he deftly reveals flaws created by circumstances beyond their control.

At first glance, and with the arrival of the mysterious Jake, you might be forgiven for thinking Beyond Conviction is a classically clichéd good versus evil SF read but this notion itself is subversive with the real story here being one of fortitude. 

His characters are nicely conceptualised as he tantalisingly peels back the veneer on Jake, Ellie, Alayna and Jonathan’s lives to establish an alluring narrative rhythm to his chapters and give his readers something refreshingly original in which to immerse themselves. Jake, Ellie, Alayna and Jonathan each bring a prevailing sense of gravitas to the story, whilst nicely nuanced and spirited dialogue adds much to an overarching sense of authenticity.

As its final chapter draws to a close Watson has gifted to his readers an intimate understanding of his key characters, who they are and what their lives are like. We know that Jake and Ellie are at a pivotal point in their lives with the Conviction closing in, but more importantly, Watson has left us eager for the harrowing events ahead!

A promising debut which sets a high bar for future releases in Watson’s Trials of Conviction series, Beyond Conviction is unreservedly recommended!



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