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  • Language: English
  • Print length: 93 pages
  • Genre: Science Fiction Short Stories


After a school reunion turns sour, three best friends now take their school memories into their own hands. But as they trail deeper into the childhood woods of their small rural Alaskan town they discover something that shakes them to their core and they wished the stories their parents told them about it was true.

The BookViral Review:

The best science fiction novels work because they tap into what we already believe is possible and this is something Thorn easily achieves with U.C.C. as he once again demonstrates a confident command of composition and economic storytelling.

U.C.C. isn’t one of those novels that falls back on trite and tired tropes or overreaches for the shock factor. Thorn’s narrative is refined, playing with character perspectives to illuminate the foreboding nature of his subterranean setting as tensions rise to meet the expectations of his readers. More importantly, he’s careful to balance shocks with scenes that set up the emotional stakes for his characters Eddie, Duke and Jay. Characters who are well crafted and for whom Thorn creates a sense of sympathy without dictating what we are supposed to think about the big picture. 

It’s a short read in keeping with the dramatic rise and fall of tension Thorn’s narrative creates but it’s not one to be rushed and whilst the plot of U.C.C follows a linear progression it’s not intended to offer a neatly presented denouement. It’s to be continued and until the release of Thorn’s next instalment he wants to leave his readers thinking about it. 

As its final chapter draws to a close we’ve built an intimate understanding of Eddie, Duke and Jay’s characters, who they are and what their lives are like. We know that their ‘reunion’ has led them to a pivotal point in their lives but more importantly, Thorn has left us eager for the harrowing events ahead!

Another cracking story from GA Thorn, U.C.C is a highly recommended 5 star read.

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