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Cultivating Change From Inside Out By Anita D Russell

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  • ASIN: B08YGZX1C9
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 144 pages
  • Genre: Personal Transformation

SUMMARY: In her self-help guide to dismantling racism, author and life coach Anita D. Russell shares her approach to true change from the inside out using personal development, sustainable relationships, and transformational living. Through personal stories and milestones from her own transformational journey, Russell explains how to define core values, how to be an inclusive leader, and ultimately how cultivating change through daily development can unleash human potential.

The BookViral Review:

Readers with a hunger for quick fixes have given many self-appointed gurus the opportunity to make millions from their books but don’t confuse these with Anita D. Russell’s Cultivating Change from the Inside Out: The Power of Being Human.

A powerful and thought-provoking read you know from its opening pages that you are in the hands of a passionate and candid writer whose words get to the heart of what it takes to cultivate change on a meaningful and lasting level.

Framing it within the context of her own experiences Russell offers us powerful insights into the nature of change and an illuminating look at the deep effects of racism. She looks at how we can leverage personal transformation from the inside out to create a positive mental attitude. And how to nurture a vibrant force through which we can achieve a real sense of balance by connecting personal values to life choices.

Structured around her “God-based, heart-led, and people-motivated” ‘SOAR’ concept she first asks us to reflect on the hidden meaning in the word change. In doing so she reminds us that change begins with a choice but more importantly that we are “each a unique treasure trove of gifts, talents, dreams, and aspirations to be realized in the discovery of purpose and connection with others.”

With this in mind, Russell’s SOAR concept is underpinned by six keys to nurture, grow and empower your life and each chapter demands serious reflection as she brings a unique perspective to the subject at hand. Not only highlighting the complexities of the human experience but the critical importance of self-analysis before beginning any programme centred on personal transformation.

A powerful and motivational guide to embracing personal transformation as a positive force in our lives Cultivating Change from the Inside Out: The Power of Being Human is highly recommended.

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