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  • ASIN: B07H8M2WFG
  • Publisher: Books on Demand; 2nd edition (12 Dec. 2018)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 218 pages
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction

SUMMARY: Fate cannot be controlled and is frequently quite unpleasant. Yet, a bad hand that is dealt by fate can be the start to new and better phase in life. It all depends on how it is played.


The BookViral Review:

A high octane whiz-bang of a read Shafted – A Mexican Tale proves another powerful release from Aguilar who definitely delivers where it counts and perhaps more importantly continues to offer us something a little different.

On the surface, we’re firmly in the realms of contemporary fiction as Rigoberto Cervantes finds himself in the midst of an impromptu mining rebellion but it’s the wholesome spirit of Aguilar’s source and his obvious passion for Mexican culture that sets his tale apart.

It’s a story where life and death are often divided by a knifes edge and yet Aguilar still manages to inject plenty of levity and heartfelt emotion as he introduces us to a host of colourful characters. Most are hard men, hewed by the rigours of the hostile environment in which they work but there’s also a  tremendous sense of camaraderie.

One of those rare novels that promises much and over-delivers. Shafted gets darker and murkier as it goes along with Aguilar bending its offbeat plot into so many clever and well-conceived twists that you actually have to pay attention – something very few novels seem to demand nowadays – to understand its progression and enjoy the multiple payoffs at the end.

Plausible and authoritative, there’s much to commend it with an intelligent narrative, momentum and contemporary story arc which echoes real world events. But Aguilar is careful not to overplay his hand, especially with characters like Miguel, Laura, Juanita and Lucy where he never arrives at an emotional plateau. Equally as important, he knows how to embrace exposition and incorporate detail in a way that unspools naturally as he ratchets up the suspense.

With Aguilar once again leaving us with something to think about, Shafted – A Mexican Tale is an unreservedly recommended five star read.

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