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A BookViral Review Of Sins of Greed, By C. Tarradell

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SUMMARY: Following the death of his famous scribe and author father, Abben Dindle is thrown into life at court, expected to serve his nation and perform his duties just as his father did; but when both his King and his King’s Royal Seer are broken people, hurt and full of personal vengeance, Abben finds his job to be harder than he expected as he’s thrown into the middle of the plotting and scheming of nations and the greed and sins of men.

The BookViral Review: Immediately engaging, in many ways Sins of Greed, A Tale of Two Fools, is an unpretentious work of escapist fantasy fiction. An epic in the making it never feels cumbersome as Tarradell achieves a notable balance between luxurious detail and terse action, which fans of the sword and sorcery fantasy genre will certainly appreciate. The principle of the book is simple; the good are fundamentally noble whilst their enemies are explicitly wicked and it’s this that propels Tarradell’s debut novel on a familiar trajectory. Beginning pithily with Abben Dindle clandestinely transporting magical scrolls to the aged Kirlin the plot quickly develops but whereas many fantasy authors go heavy on the bloodletting and muscle-bound prose Tarradell takes a more subtle approach. Favouring well developed back stories and strong character development over testosterone swagger.

Whether it has swords or dragons the feeling of entering an alternative reality is something we all enjoy and here Tarradell gives us a host of vivid characters like Abben, Evelia Ingrin and Faelin Jording with an imaginatively rendered fantasy world. On this level he has delivered one of those sword and sorcery fantasy novels where readers can simply descend into the pleasures of its pages and Sins of Greed, A Tale of Two Fools certainly deserves a place on your bookshelf.

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