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  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 194 pages
  • Page numbers source ISBN: ‎ B0C1JD9HHD
  • Genre: Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks


The BookViral Review:

Rich Wyatt creates a past from the future in his scarily believable fascinating science fiction odyssey, ‘LUNACOM’.

It’s deep into the 23rd Century and three main players, China, Russia and the U.S. are squabbling over Helium-3, an incredibly valuable energy rich substance harvested from the surface of the moon. Whilst a precarious peace seems to hold, deception, secrecy and a treacherous traitor threaten to tip the balance from its knife edge as a Russian threat ‘Nine-dash-line’ is poised expectantly.

Against a background of military space training on board the wholly believable space station, ‘Olympus’, Wyatt’s narrative becomes ever tenser as his protagonist is drawn further into a seemingly impossible situation, and the pressure to perform moves from personally satisfying to life-saving. His balanced characters merge seamlessly, with a perfect blend of emotion and ‘business as usual’, as they negotiate an ultimate threat.

Reading like a history book, with a brisk delivery which suits the subject matter well, ‘LUNACOM’ is scarily real. Wyatt’s staggeringly imaginative weapons of warfare, space battleships, and ingeniously created medical and leisure facilities all blend effortlessly to present a plausible alternative reality, where the space between space and the moon has become an extension of life and liberty.

Wyatt’s incredibly well-researched adventure echoes real life as intricate detail builds on fact, creating a picture of a world dissimilated and re-constructed in response to current world challenges and events.

Life and work on board Olympus become ever more precarious as a mysterious attack is sustained by invisible super-light attack drones. The race is on to not only identify the properties of these new weapons and the element that renders them invisible but to mount a sufficient and effective defence and counter-attack.

With palpable tension, Wyatt leads his reader into the ultimate breathtaking crescendo of conflict as superpowers clash. A nail-biting conclusion sees the appearance of an unlikely liberator, just as all seems lost.

A fast-paced absorbing adventure for all science fiction ‘techies’. LUNACOM is unreservedly recommended!

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