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Ghost (The Justice Chronicles Book 1)
By Award Winning Author Michael Jack Webb

Spinetingling Occult Thrillers

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Print length: 382 pages

Page numbers source: ISBN B08LNLCNS5

Language: English


Genre: Christian Suspense Fiction


Best-selling, award-winning author and master storyteller Michael Jack Webb weaves a Supernatural Serial Killer tale like none you’ve ever read.

Enter a world where nothing is what it appears to be, and every clue leads an extraordinary young woman deep into the heart of darkness and beyond. 

The BookViral Review:

An atmospheric and utterly riveting Christian Suspense Thriller that does the genre proud, Ghost (The Justice Chronicles Book 1) is the latest release from Webb and once again we find him on top form.

Fielding a plot that works with diabolical effectiveness, Ghost isn’t your run of the mill genre offering with Webb delivering characters that are both mysterious and compelling. Genre tropes are refreshingly scarce throughout, the action comes fast and furious and there are the obligatory blood and gore, but it’s not gratuitous with Webb always sure to touch the right emotional chords.

It seems a failing of the genre that far too often the atmosphere is layered to the point where it becomes ponderous and impenetrable, but in developing his narrative Webb demonstrates an unerring understanding of what will unsettle his readers. It’s a quality that’s strikingly evident in his War of Men and Angels series and it’s clearly evident here. The chills and thrills are pitched just right, to cause a tingling at the nape of the neck, whilst fully sculpting his darkest moments for maximum impact.

As you would expect from Webb his dialogue is measured, insightful and polarizing, quickly taking us to the crux of his characters. This allows for the obligatory tension and suspense, which is the backbone of the genre and the vivid creation of two superb new characters in FBI profiler Kate Justice and Detective Chris Schindler. The former with just the right blend of determination and vulnerability to build a series around.

With the presence of the Ghost In The Darkness killer remaining prevailingly disturbing throughout Webb confidently juggles his way through multiple plot threads, finally bringing them together in a perfectly pitched denouement which is guaranteed to leave his readers eager for another book.

A five star read, enthralling and darkly satisfying, Ghost (The Justice Chronicles Book 1) proves the start of an exciting new series from Webb and is unreservedly recommended.

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