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  • ASIN: ‎ B0BS5STS1Y
  • Publisher: ‎ Amazon Publishing Agency (11 Jan. 2023)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Genre: Spiritual Memoirs

The BookViral Review:

Intense and truly absorbing, Thomas Wermuth invites readers into the sanctum of his mind to connect lifelong family traumas and the coincidences that have defined a highly successful and distinguished musical career.

That he writes from the well of personal experience is both sobering and profoundly intimate. His words are staggeringly sharp and there are few writers who can create such penetratingly potent imagery with relatively sparse prose.

Wermuth’s unique personality and indomitable spirit shines through from the very first page. It’s his life story, one through which he has faced and conquered profound emotional turmoil. Its narrative tone is at once empathetic and acidic and it will surely strike a strong chord with readers looking for an original memoir that will take them somewhere they haven’t been before. It also stands as testament and a poignant reminder that what doesn’t break us makes us stronger.

Central to Wermuth’s narrative is his dialogue with his ‘imaginary friend’ Ransko. It’s both compelling and involving and helps communicate a strikingly strong sense of time and place to further elucidate Wermuth’s perspective whilst bringing the salient characters in his life into focus.

Reminding us of the different spheres we inhabit as children, often adrift in the orbit of older siblings and parents as we make sense of the world into which we evolve it is heart-achingly sad at times and will resonate with readers on different levels. And in particular for thematic reasons amongst readers of all ages who have struggled with their emerging sexuality.

Evidence suggests that the people most likely to have imaginary friends are those with thin boundaries and high trans liminality, i.e., those whose mental and emotional life fluidly mixes what is conscious with what is unconscious and this is borne out in part by the spiritual experiences Wermuth describes. But Wermuth’s experiences take this thinking further as he reflects on the coincidences and opportunities that have dominated his life. From his introduction to the violin and his journey to the world renowned Juilliard School to his introduction to Barbara Brennan’s school of healing and many readers will find themselves reflecting on the guiding hand of a higher power.

A deeply moving reflection on a remarkable life my Imaginary Friend is first and foremost written from the heart and is highly recommended.

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