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A BookViral Review Of The Rùnesàrc By Phil Say

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  • ASIN: B08B35XHY2
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 756 pages
  • GENRE: Sword and Sorcery


Summary: Ronas is a knight in waiting but with manhood approaching, he is plagued by a dream. This is no ordinary dream and the black knights pursuing him are not ordinary knights. Who are they and why are they searching for him?

The BookViral Review:

The term epic has become too freely used but in respect of The Rùnesàrc: Book I: The Path from Childhood Dreams it’s more than warranted with Say delivering the kind of rousing, large-scale adventure that marks the best sword and sorcery epics. An ambitious debut that’s big on grandiose emotions like heroism, patriotism, treachery and love but comfortably avoids the prescriptive travelogue style of narrative that’s sadly come to populate the sword and sorcery genre.

At 700 plus pages, it’s not a cursory read but it doesn’t feel overly drawn out, with action and intrigue finding an equitable balance. But Sword and Sorcery Epics must go beyond their lead protagonists and this is where Say really comes into his own. 

As The Knight Protector, Ronas of Framm is the one upon whom destiny calls but characters like Odora, Bheithir, Sciathan, and Alltheir coalesce into a host of powerful auxiliary players who together create a rich tapestry of events that are hard to forget. Their interwoven paths thoughtfully developed as Say introduces his readers to an extensive and well-reasoned cosmology that proves wholly enthralling.

Underpinned by a superb plot that is quick to gather momentum, his characters feel vividly real, their overriding sense of purpose drawing Say’s readers into an impressively imaginative narrative where an enchanting sense of authenticity and wonder prevails. 

For fans of the sword and sorcery genre looking for a series with the scope and execution of A Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings, The Rùnesàrc: Book I: The Path from Childhood Dreams proves a remarkable debut and is recommended without reservations

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