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A BookViral Review Of Tetrastatum By Tim Smith and Dr Richard

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SUMMARY: What if the laws of physics as we understand them are incomplete, only half of the equations that explain reality? Mankind has been blinded by the light, searching for answers in the photonic (material) universe while the truths are concealed beyond the shutter speed of our biological cameras. 

The BookViral Review: Strikingly original and audaciously ambitious Dr Richard and Tim Smith have delivered a science fiction geeks smorgasbord of a novel! Intellectually stimulating and exciting at the same time, Tetrastatum invalidates time travelling tropes and clichés to take us on a journey that challenges the meaning of reality and the untapped realms of the human psyche. High on drama, with a superb array of characters and timely relishes of humour, if it’s one aim was to awe us into submission and concede our insignificance on a cosmic scale then Dr Richard and Tim Smith have achieved this with ease. Exploring the metaphysics of time travel through space-time paradigm and the field of Psychothotonix this is hard science with a touch of the surreal and yet it always feels grounded in its own soberingly serious reality. Google the best time travel fiction and chances are you will be served a list of popular lightweight novels that fall sadly short of anything intellectually stimulating but Dr Richard and Tim Smith achieve an impressive balancing act that not only entertains but remains true to science at its core.

Science fiction at its best and accompanied by stunning ink illustrations by Krekeler, Tetrastatum is sure to be well received by readers with an interest in Quantum Theory and Philosophy Metaphysics and is  recommended without reservation.

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