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A Review Of The Academy: Cap & Gown By C J Daly

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  • Publisher: BrandyLight Ink (1 April 2021)
  • Language:English
  • Print length: 484 pages
  • Genre: Paranormal Military Romance


SUMMARY: When Officer Ranger Nealson offers her a lifeline at The Academy, she snatches it with both hands. But she soon realizes that her lifeline might not be enough to keep her afloat and that her mentor might have ulterior motives. She wouldn’t be willing to compromise her principles if it wasn’t for one small thing–her brother Mikey. Her all-encompassing promise to her mother to protect her brothers causes her to forge forward with Ranger’s master plan. After all, this is likely the best deal she would get at The Academy, and she and Mikey need all the help they can get to survive in this cutthroat world.

The BookViral Review: With John Connelly as a father, Katie drew the short straw but when Peter Davenport walked into her life she couldn’t have imagined how her life would change or the danger she would find herself in!

The third outing in The Academy Saga, Cap and Gown carries Daly’s paranormal romance series forward but it also marks a step change as the focus changes from “Kitty-Kat’s” tumultuous relationship with Ranger to Pete. With a daring rescue that leads them into hiding as they try to evade the reach of The Academy and Ranger’s revenge!

Having explored Katie’s unique abilities and The Academy’s shadowy global influence in books one and two the time has come to explore the wider ramifications of Katie and Pete’s undeniable bond and it proves a timely and poignant narrative change that keeps the series fresh and exciting.

Katie is an enigma and she’s Rangers Achilles heel but she has three people in her life she’ll do anything in her power to keep safe. Her little brother Mikey who is bound to The Academy, Pete who has her heart and her brother Andrew who The Academy has agreed to leave alone as long as she plays ball. But a shock revelation and Ranger’s customary deception turns all that on its head!

This is a series that ticks all the boxes in a genre where competition is still very strong but few authors create as many endearing characters as Daly does. More importantly for Paranormal Romance, she understands the need for relationships to progress once they get beyond the initial lust and the recurring theme in Daly’s books is the power of love to change hearts and minds.

With ever-expanding multiple plot lines there is rarely a dull moment and with Daly’s customary cliffhanger teaser ending readers can be sure there are more thrills and spills to come.

On par with The Hunger Games and Twilight. Needless to say, The Academy Saga is a must-read for fans of paranormal romance and The Academy: Cap and Gown is unreservedly recommended!

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