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SUMMARY: The stigma surrounding the paranormal prevents us from exploring the possibility that there are, perhaps, events that occur outside the realm of human comprehension, inoculating us against the lessons and spiritual significance these events might hold. As an experienced psychiatrist, Dr. Manuel Matas is very familiar with the science of the human brain—as well as the possibilities that exist beyond the known borders of consciousness.

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Extensively referenced and compelling in its broad-strokes The Borders of Normal: A Clinical Psychiatrist De-Stigmatizes Paranormal Phenomena may well change your perspective on the paranormal. There are countless books dedicated to the subject but Manuel Matas M.D. presents us with perspectives that are both accessible and refreshingly devoid of abstract complexity. In his own words “it’s good to keep an open mind, and it’s good to be sceptical, but neither one of these attitudes can be an end in itself” and Matas makes this his guiding principle throughout. Even when discussing his personal experiences with the paranormal.

A grounded read, he speaks directly to those who question the authenticity of anyone who has experienced a paranormal event. From Near Death and Out Of Body Experiences to the illusion of time his prose helps to broker much-needed discussion. But what many readers will find fascinating is the number of referenced academics who were influenced by their belief in the paranormal. Albert Einstein, Aldous Huxley and Carl Gustav Jung, to name but a few, all experienced paranormal instances that irrevocably influenced their work. And Matas rightly points to the growing body of academic research into the subject which at the very least suggests we should evaluate our assumptions more thoughtfully.

A well presented and highly thought-provoking read that will challenge the most sceptical amongst us The Borders of Normal: A Clinical Psychiatrist De-Stigmatizes Paranormal Phenomena is highly recommended.

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